Groove Time is a world service offered weekly over the non-commercial airwaves of radio KXLU at 88.9Mz FM in Los Angeles, California and via the internet at By world service it is meant that Groove Time is broadcast using frequency modulation waves which replicate themselves endlessly unto the ends of the universe and that in recognition of the probability that these waves will be somewhere received and deciphered by someone, the program is designed to reflect favorably on the inhabitants of this planet.
As of this writing the oldest emanations of Groove Time are eighteen light years out from Earth. During this eighteen year history of broadcasting, nary a discouraging word has been spoken and, while there have been bad musical notes, there have been no musical compositions less than exemplary of their genre and edifying to the species.
Groove Time, the radio program, is about rhythm, which, along with the ability to apprehend beauty for its own sake, are the only characteristics which differentiate us from other life on this planet, according to the evidentiary record.
Groove Time, the web page, is about Groove Time the radio program and more generally about favoring the former in a race joined at this juncture in evolutionary history between ecstasy and entropy.